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Love Singing In The Shower? Take It To The Stage At Broadway Louie's During National Karaoke Week!

Do you have a song inside you that's just bursting to get out? Do you find yourself singing along with the radio as you head to work? Have you ever imagined yourself as the lead singer on the track of your favorite tune? This is the week to take your fantasies to the next level and your voice where it can be heard.

Through April 23, people across the country are celebrating National Karaoke Week. So there's no better time to stop singing in the shower and move your act to center stage. Head to Broadway Louie's for Jake's All-Star Karaoke Show where the atmosphere screams show biz and the mood is set with professional lighting and swirling fog. Imagine a DJ cuing your performance. It's your moment to shine!

Voted "best place on the beach for karaoke" for 12 years running, Jake's supports each performance with a sound system that has 10 speakers and four enormous state-of-the-art woofers. Ready for prime time or just taking a shot, performers can select from a library of more than 40,000 songs and channel their inner rock stars. Non-singers can have fun just enjoying the show.

What began as in-home musical entertainment for party guests in Japan, has spread across the world since the 1970s when karaoke machines were introduced. If you haven't treated yourself to watching or singing in this popular everyman's form of entertainment, give it a try.

There's no better place to celebrate National Karaoke Week than Jake's All-Star Karaoke Show at Broadway Louie's at Broadway at the Beach.