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Backstage Escape Games

At Backstage Escape Games, you and your teammates work together in a 60 minute race against the clock to complete the mission before it's too late. This fully immersive experience features intense sound and lighting effects, props and decorations and will transport you to an alternate reality. Featuring two fast paced escape adventures, both offering one of a kind experiences with surprises around every corner that will keep your adrenaline pumping until the very end!

Atlantis, The Lost Legend

For centuries legends told of a lost continent flowing more with riches than the waters that surrounded it. This wonderful place, known as Atlantis was one of the greatest legends ever told.

You and your team need to find your way into the Temple of Poseidon, locate the Atlantean power crystals, align them correctly and change the course of human existence as we know it.

Dark Winters Night

All the children in the small town of Parkview Point have noticed that under their tree the gifts and letters to Santa are missing, replaced with a terrifying note from Krampus. The half-goat, half-demon evildoer has challenged anyone to enter the cabin and escape with the gifts. If they do, then the town will experience joyful Christmas seasons for decades to come. If they fail, then Christmas will be forever canceled in Parkview Point.

Dark Winters Night is a frightfully festive game that will test your winter wisdom as you solve puzzles, riddles and uncover holiday-themed hints. Solve the riddles, grab the gifts, get out of the cabin and defeat the terrifying beast. You're a mean one, Mr. Krampus."

Backstage Escape Games Map Location at Broadway at the Beach
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