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A movement dedicated to the single-minded pursuit of everything FRIVOLOUS, OVER-INDULGENT & DELIGHTFULLY NAUGHTY. Our mission is to disrupt the white noise of daily life with a bunch of stuff that serves no purpose whatsoever other than to elicit LAUGHTER, HAPPINESS, AND CHILD-LIKE EUPHORIA. Rules are made to be broken, rewritten, then broken again - WE TAKE PLEASURE IN GREAT PLEASURE.

WE BELIEVE IN: Staying up late, cutting class, The Tooth Fairy, Conspicuous Consumption, & ASKING FOR FORGIVENESS INSTEAD OF PERMISSION.

IT'SUGAR also features The Doughnuttery, an innovative, family-owned doughnut shop, and Tipsy Scoop, an alcohol infused ice cream and sorbet shop, both located inside of IT'SUGAR and open the same hours.

It'Sugar Map Location at Broadway at the Beach
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