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It’s Sweet, It’s Unique & It’Sugar

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Where can you get a sushi platter made entirely out of candy? Or how about a rice crispy treat that could last you a month? Where can you get a pool float in the shape of a hamburger or a Reese's pillow or a giant bottle of Hershey's chocolate syrup? There's one answer to these questions at Broadway at the Beach. If you're on the quest for something sweet and unique, It'Sugar is your one stop shop to grab some sugary necessities and retro novelties!

Forget the sugar plums dancing in your head, because you'll learn a whole new meaning of sweet dreams when you're lying on an ice cream or donut pillow.

Those sweet dreams will continue throughout the day after you've purchased a giant box of your tasty tart favorites including Nerds, Skittles and Sour Patch Kids. However, a box this big may be hard to sneak into the movie theatre… or so we've heard!

Young and not so young candy lovers will recognize one item at It'Sugar: Pez. From Hello Kitty to Captain America to Frozen's Elsa and Star Wars' Darth Vader, there is a Pez (both sweet or sour) for every candy lover!

Can't decide what kind of sugar creation is for you? That's no problem because you can design your own goody bag of favorites! From gummy bears, rainbow twisters, rock candy, chocolate covered nuts, and chocolate pretzels, the list goes on and on for how to create your own delight! And don't forget the wall of Jelly Belly jelly beans! Yes, we said wall of jelly beans!

It's not all about the treats, It'Sugar has a plethora of knick-knacks, clothing and more to show off your love of sweets wherever you go. T-shirts, tank tops, cola flavored chapsticks, keychains and more sweet souvenirs can all be found for that sugar-lovin' someone or for your own collection. Plus, It'Sugar carries a few special infused goodies reserved for those 21 and over, so please eat your sweets responsibly!

Whether you're in the mood for a crunchy candy bar, soft suckers, a dose of chocolate, a fun gift or a sugar survival kit, look no further than It'Sugar at Broadway at the Beach!