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Broadway at the Beach Blog

May 2021

Faces Of Broadway: Gemini Boutique’s Emily Matula

With more than two decades of experience under her stylish belt, Emily Matula can often be found in the midst of today's latest fashions at one of Broadway at the Beach's original shops. An out of towner turned local, and employee turned owner, Emily now owns and operates Gemini Boutique, the place where at the age of 19 she landed her first job. Now, Emily and her team can help you find the perfect, yet casual look for strolling through each season.

Get to know this #GirlBoss by checking out our Q & A with Emily below:

1.) How long have you been at Gemini Boutique? 23 years

2. )Where did you grow up? Lancaster, PA

3.) Tell us a little bit about the history of Gemini Boutique: Gemini Boutique began in the Boutique Era in center city Philadelphia in 1969. Gemini moved to Myrtle Beach in 1996 and has been at Broadway at the Beach ever since!

4.) When did you get into retail/fashion? I started working in retail when I was 19. My first and only retail job has been at Gemini Boutique!

5.) What is your favorite part of the business? I enjoy retail because it is always changing and is an exciting industry to work in… I love helping customers find the perfect outfit or gift and making people happy! My favorite part of the business is merchandising and doing displays or windows and going to market to buy for the store!

6.) As the new owner of Gemini Boutique, what plans or vision do you have for the shop? I hope to bring in exciting new merchandise and work on launching a new web store so that our customers can still shop Gemini any time, no matter where they are!

7.) What's your favorite item in Gemini Boutique? The Clothing! We have the best clothes!

8.) Do you prefer Spring or Fall in Myrtle Beach? Spring

9.) When you aren't at the store, where can you be found? (Hobbies) Spending time with my family.

10.) When walking around Broadway, would you grab an ice cream cone or a pineapple drink? Ice cream

11.) What's your favorite show to binge watch? Friends

12.) Gemini Boutique has fashions for every season and occasion, but would you rather be dressed up or comfy casual? Comfy casual

13.) If you could travel anywhere in the world, where would you go? New Zealand

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