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The Punts, Passes And Kicks of Pro Football Are Now On Display At Broadway at the Beach

It's the smell of stadium popcorn, it's the roar of the crowd, it's the sight of an official signaling a touchdown, it's the feel of your lucky game day attire … it's the Thursday night kickoff, the big game on Sunday and the Monday night matchup, it's Pro Football! For the fans of today and yesteryear, there's a new place to relive and experience some of the sport's greatest moments and memorabilia and it's right here at the epicenter of fun, Broadway at the Beach!

The Pro Football's Hall of Fame's exhibit, Gridiron Glory is a new attraction that takes fans right through the sidelines and into the game with more than 200 memorabilia, rare photos and one-of-a-kind documents from the Pro Football Hall of Fame's archives and collection.

From the game's humble beginnings to today's top players and teams, the exhibit tells the story of the professional sport with an incredible interactive experience.

Organized by the Pro Football Hall of Fame in association with NFL Films, the exhibit brings together an extraordinary collection including the Vince Lombardi trophy; a 1917 game ball used by Jim Thorpe and the Canton Bulldogs; a football and leather helmet dating to the early origins of the game; Saints kicker Tom Dempsey's famous kicking shoe created for his half foot; and turf (plus other objects) from the "Immaculate Reception" game and so much more!

From first downs to touchdowns, experience the evolution of professional football at Gridiron Glory, featuring the Best pf the Pro Football Hall of Fame at Broadway at the Beach!